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Audrey Hepburn at The Flame Cinema in Rome for the Italian premiere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, November 17th, 1961.

veronicamason asked: Hi, that's Veronica again!! As I told you, I'm writing an article about Audrey's life and carreer, and I've another special request, I'm looking for pictures of the Breakfast at Tiffany's première, especially the american one on 17th october 1961. Could you help me?? Thanks again, I absolutely love your blog!!

Hello Veronica!  Audrey didn’t attend the American premiere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she was in Italy at the time (as pictured below).


Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer in Italy, October 17, 1961.

Two days later she attended the London premiere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a month later the Italian premiere at The Flame Cinema in Rome.

Audrey Hepburn on the set of Love in the Afternoon in Boulogne Studios, France, 1956.

Audrey Hepburn on the set of Love in the Afternoon in Boulogne Studios, France, 1956.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer arriving at Dublin Airport from Paris for a weekend holiday in Ireland. This was Audrey’s first trip to Ireland, August 14,1964. (video) gifs by rareaudreyhepburn

imrfamous asked: Hello!, I just want to say thank you for having all of this precious material available for us Audrey fans. I watched the (great!) Larry King extra interview that you posted a while ago and I was wondering if you have any of the other Larry King interviews with Audrey, i think she went on that show at least twice. Saludos desde Chile!

I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the Larry King interview.  Unfortunately, that is the only Larry King interview of Audrey’s I could find.  Many thanks to Youregonnalovetomorrow for uploading that video to his wonderful YouTube channel.

anyatudor asked: Hello! I have to say I love this blog, it's an amazing place for all Audrey's fans :) I would like to ask you, if you don't know what happened to Pippin, Audrey's fawn? I didn't find this information. Thank you for this great blog :)


Thank you for the lovely sentiments! Xo

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Audrey Hepburn arriving at Dublin Airport, 1964.

August 14,1964 - Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer arriving at Dublin Airport from Paris for a weekend holiday in Ireland. This was Audrey’s first trip to Ireland.


 Audrey Hepburn and  Mel Ferrer at Dublin Airport for a weekend holiday.Audrey said: “This is my first visit to Ireland and I hope that friends are going to drive us through the countryside.”.August 14th 1964..

Few days later she met her father

sabrinafairchildmne asked: Hi again! You blog is pure treasure for us Audrey fans.:) I was wondering has Audrey ever said anything about filming romantic scenes with her co-stars, especially since they usually were much older than she was? I know she was professional, but was it ever awkward for her? Greetings from Montenegro.;)

Hello Montenegro!  Thank you, I am very flattered.  I can’t answer this question with 100% certainty but I don’t think she had any difficulty kissing her co-stars on camera.  As you said, she was a complete professional; so, if there was ever an issue Audrey was too discreet and respectful to say anything.  Also, she kissed some of Old Hollywoods most desired men:  William Holden, Peter O’Toole, and even Gary Gooper (who was quite the looker in his prime).  I’m sure she was most comfortable kissing Mel (her first husband), Bill Holden (whom she had a brief affair with on the set of Sabrina), and Albert Finney (whom she also had a brief romance with during the filming of Two for the Road). But if there is one thing I’m positive of, none of Audrey’s co-stars had any complaints about kissing her. 

Audrey Hepburn, Valentino, Elizabeth Taylor, and Thomas Ammann photographed at the Charity Dinner ‘Art against AIDS’ during Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, June 11, 1991.


This week one of my favorite artists, Victoria Ying, started a #7DaysOfColor Challenge over @instagram.

Every day of the week is assigned one of the colors of the rainbow. The objective of the challenge is to upload a drawing every day using the color of the day as subject matter. To spice things up for myself I made the week ”Audrey Hepburn Week” using her different dresses as inspiration! 

Here is the set! enjoy~ 

I love that she included a drawing of Audrey from her Look Magazine 1954 photo shoot. A personal favorite of mine.

(Source: lissymarlin.com)

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